ROI Sales

It’s never been easier to import to Southern Ireland, with McDonnell Motors!

Why choose mcdonnel motors?

We regularly export to Southern Ireland and there are many reasons why Southern Irish residents have purchased their dream car from McDonnell Motors.

  • Our cars are considerably cheaper than the equivalent in Southern Ireland, even when taking VRT and exchange rates into consideration.
  • VRT rates are now based on CO2 Emissions, meaning you will generally pay less VRT now.
  • An IME (Independent Mechanical Engineer) Inspection is implemented on all vehicles we sell, this involves comprehensively checking everything from external bodywork, brakes, clutch and much more! Please ask a member of our team to discuss any vehicle’s IME report.
  • Check out our premium warranty (linked to warranty page) package for peace of mind.
  • We are located in Coleraine – so why not make the most of your trip down and have a weekend away! The spectacular Causeway Coast is home to many stunning beaches, the eighth wonder of the world and a range of quality restaurants.

The Purchasing Process at McDonnell Motors

It is a simple process to import your car from McDonnell Motors, you can even drive away the same day.

  • Choose your dream car
  • We calculate VRT and exchange rate
  • Payment accepted by debit card, bankers draft or bank transfer
  • One your vehicle is registered by the Revenue Commission and VRT is paid, you will receive a new registration number
  • Obtain Registration plates from any motor dealer

Calculating VRT

From July 2008 the CO2 Emissions of imported vehicles determine the VRT rate, this is then applied to the Open Market Selling Price (OMSP) of the vehicle.

All of our cars are advertised with CO2 Emissions and the table below shows VRT rates. Click here to the VRT calculator and enter details of any vehicle to determine the OMSP.

Alternatively please contact a member of our helpful sales team on [email protected] or 02870357382, and they will be more than happy to calculate the VRT for you.